Collection: Small Artworks

The approach of Sung’s abstract artwork is the interpretation of the relationship between the human being and nature through process, materials, colour and shapes. Appreciation and gratitude for nature is the main motif for creating her work. Many invented technologies mimic that of nature when examined closely. However, this awe inspiring design evident in nature has not been credited as deserved. We often take for our natural environment for granted, although without it we would not exist. She concentrates on how we as humans can appreciate and protect nature rather than destroying it. 

By observing people and nature, Sung notices shapes made by light and darkness where she visualises organic lines and forms. She likes to push the boundaries of beauty and creativity as reflected in nature because it displays a perfect harmony of colour and shapes. Sung interprets nature through gestural lines and flow of colour in a more abstract manner by the placement of fragmented organic shapes. Sometimes, she incorporates the human form and that of nature into her work which reflects the relationship between the two.